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Exchange, Exchange, Exchange

STHC has been listed on the above exchanges. More will be added as the project progresses.

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Most GPU/ASIC Resistant Ever

In layman's terms, that means it is simple for everyone to mine Soothing Coin (STHC) and no one has significant advantages. The proof is in the source code. [Mining instructions]

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A Self-Strengthening Crypto

100% income generated by STHCOIN programs (e.g. the ad income) is given back to the community through for example the raffle program. That will build the strength that feeds itself. [Read more]

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Deeds for coins

Soothing Coin (STHC) is open for contributors to join. Any contribution or actions leading to that deserves a share of the project (in the form of STHC). [Find out more]

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Ready and Easy for Merchants

A system is in place for merchants to adopt STHC for payments. With just a few lines added to the web page, your web site will be ready to accept STHC. [Detailed instructions]

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Smart Airdrop

Airdrop is a typical way to raise awareness. It is also typical for airdrops to be plagued by abuse. For coin earning programs at STHC, a unique system has been developed and deployed that mitigates abuse and keeps up the coin value.

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White Paper?

Soothing Coin (STHC) keeps evolving and is not limited to one single application. As the result, no white paper is available at this point. Hopefully the project outline can be seen from this page and the forum. Should a white paper be appropriate for an application in the future, it will be provided. Moreover, we would love to answer questions in the Telegram group.

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Transaction Fee ≤ 0.00001 STHC





Total Supply 100 million STHC


Per block


per block


Cut Per


Days Per

Meet Our Executive Team

Bela Balog


Ruthie DiTucci

North America Regional Director

Mary Ann Rose Rodeo

Community Manager

Yeri Derno

Grahpic Designer

Adu Baffour Solomon

Marketing Consultant



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Tested on Windows 10 (x64)

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Tested on macOS Mojave 10.14+

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How to Mine


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